The recent rise of CBD and Hemps has resulted in a proliferation of new products coming into
market. They can be broadly divided into 3 main product categories for:
1) Inhale - eCig Vape Liquids; Miniature POD or Pen Devices.
2) Ingest - ‎Tinctures (refer picture below); Infused Beverages; Infused Honey with other
supplements; Protein Powder Drinks; Beauty and Wellness Supplements.
3) Personal Care - Cosmetics, Oilments, Lotion, Cream and Hair Care Shampoo & Conditional, Body
Wash, etc.

While manufacturers are rushing to offer their new products, a common issue surround such new
products lack in finesse due often to the undesirable inherent aroma of the raw material Hemps
and CBD oil. Consumers are put off by such unpleasant note and with competition heating up, the
quest to make product improvement or flavour aroma sensory enhancement is imperative.
Reka Brand of flavour and fragrance, being industry specialist and direct factory manufacturer, are
here to assist and provide support to interested manufacturers.
Please go to our Contact Us, insert on the Subject title [CBD flavours request] and send us your
enquiry now.